Another Hall of Shame

Just after launching this blog, I ran across another hall of shame. (I did search first, and actually couldn’t find anything, or I’d never have launched this one.) Worth reading, as it does a good job of explaining the lengths to which browsers go to lie about who they are so as to get around user-agent detection, and also includes a sizeable list.

My favorite:

Hall of Shame Dishonor Roll Champion: The FEMA disaster relief application required MSIE 6.0 at the time of Hurricane Katrina, and turned you away if you were using anything else. In a just world, the person responsible for this would be sentenced to a week of living in what remains of the New Orleans Superdome among the piles of excrement left by the evacuated refugees. Come to think of it, many FEMA personnel deserve this fate. However, they appear to have fixed their site now so it doesn’t turn any browser users away. They still deserve a “shame” note for ever designing a site with such a stupid restriction.

Just like with the FAFSA, I really get the feeling that it should be illegal for federal services to require specific browsers. In what world is it okay to turn away my disaster relief application because I dared try to submit it with Firefox? What if my house washed away and I only had a mobile browser available?


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